3 Reasons to Use Yttro

If you’re looking for great mobile games, you’ll need to use a platform to find them. The odds are good that you’ll be using either Google Play or the App Store.

Google Play and the App Store are valuable platforms that are filled with gems of mobile game. Today, many of these gems are going unseen and ignored, largely because they’re buried under a “Featured” page or “Top” list. That’s bad for developers, who lose out on visibility largely due to insufficient budgets. It’s bad for users, who lose out on great gaming. And it’s bad for Google Play and the App Store, who lose out on many potential downloads.

So what’s the alternative? Here at Yttro, our goal is to make it much easier for users to discover gems of mobile games. To do this, we’ve built an app discovery platform designed to fundamentally enhance and transform the traditional search experience. Here are three ways Yttro can work for you:

  1. Discover hidden gems in the world of mobile gaming.

Think about your favorite restaurant. Think about its food, its sounds, its smells. Then think about what a “Top 50 Restaurants” list looks like. Would your favorite restaurant show up on that list? You can try checking for yourself if you like.

Great restaurants can’t be neatly contained in a “Top 50” list, and neither can great mobile games. There are more than 50 great restaurants in America. Try over 500. Try over 5,000.

But if there are thousands of great games out there, who has the time to flip and sort through hundreds of pages of apps? We’ve created Yttro to do that work for you—to bring together thousands of mobile games, carefully organizing them so you can easily navigate to the games you’ll love.

  1. Upgrade from search to intuitive exploration.

Research suggests that people tend to use a single thumb on their smartphones almost 50% of the time, naturally preferring exploration over data input. In fact, observations have found that users interact with their phones without entering in any data over 40% of the time. Yttro is an exploration-driven experience designed to match the ways people use their smartphones. Entering in data is an option, not a requirement—meaning that more than anything else, the time you spend in Yttro will be time you spend to explore.

  1. Enjoy a fully visual interface.

Pictures speak louder than words. It’s no secret that most people prefer looking at images over reading through paragraphs. It’s also no secret that the brain processes visual information faster than it processes text—up to 60,000 times faster, according to 3M Corporation. Realizing that 90% of the information the brain receives is visual, we’ve designed Yttro to literally map out the world of mobile games, satisfying your visual side.

Interested in trying Yttro out? Check us out on Google Play. Or just click on the image below.



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