Android v1.1 is live, and users love us!


YTTRO recently launched on iOS 2 weeks ago.
And just yesterday, it released its Android v1.1 .

While that means that iOS and Android users can collectively look forward to an enhanced user experience (think: thousands of new games) to explore over the coming days, it also means it’s time for the team to glance back at our achievements over the past 9 weeks.

The numbers are encouraging. Since its first Android launch, YTTRO’s user base has grown to over 150k unique users in 9 weeks, has produced over 3.5 million game app views inside YTTRO, and has generated over 330k organic install referrals to Google Play.

The reviews are encouraging too. When we hit 100,000 users, we were glad to receive the following message over Twitter from Bjorn Wanbo, former manager of Product, Sales and BD at video advertising startup Vungle:

“…the conversion is pretty fantastic – kudos on the innovative way of doing app discovery.”

Getting solid numbers is good. Getting positive feedback on those numbers is great.

Of course, while numbers alone can measure results, they can’t measure passion. Which is why when it comes to engaging a passionate fanbase, the most important and useful measure of passion boils down to positive feedback.

The other day, we received this fan’s comment on Yttro’s social media pages:

“I [Googled] ‘game discovery app,’ and luckily found Yttro. Gave it a try and found it to be the best game discovery app since HeyZap! All it’s missing is a community, a way to connect with Facebook and invite others to join in on the games. A must have for every mobile device. Get a Tumblr pretty please!”

A developer was also generous with his praise:

“Totally dig this app! Been catching with some great games lately! How is each app discovered? I recently released a game on android and is slowly catching up. …Can I be put in touch with someone in yttro so that my game is discovered through yttro…”

Other quick comments included:

“Because here I can find almost all games worldwide”

“Your app idea intrigues me… unique way to map games for people to discover?”

“very good application to download you will not regret I loved it” 

We’re inspired by outreach from end users who are leveraging YTTRO’s interface for a vastly improved app discovery experience. These comments demonstrate that YTTRO delivers both scope and specificity, keeping its users not only stimulated by a wide range of novel content, but also deeply satisfied by the high relevance of their finds to their preferences.

The movers and shakers of the mobile app industry have also given us their vote of confidence. Appszoom describes YTTRO’s ‘visual expression‘ as ‘clearly well-thought and intuitive‘, helping end users ‘barely making (make) any efforts… explore the infinite map of similar applications‘. GoMoNews follows up with praise for ‘the team’, crediting YTTRO for ‘created (creating) a mobile platform that helps users intuitively explore and discover game apps‘.

What does this mean for developers? The influx of app views within YTTRO represents an important positive trend: YTTRO levels the playing field by not only exposing the quality content in the long-tail distribution, but also going one step further to make every single game equally accessible for discovery.

Check out what we mean by getting up close with YTTRO’s out-of-the-box approach to game app discovery.


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