3 reasons why developers love YTTRO + Meet our newest update!

We constantly seek to improve YTTRO’s user experience by adding new features and refiningYTTRO’s performance. That’s why we are set to release Android v1.2 in just a few days. A new feature accompanying Android v1.2 is a daily game recommendation tailored to the user’s interest profile.pasted_image_at_2015_07_06_03_19_pm

What this means for the user? An even more personalized game discovery experience.

What about game developers? Even more opportunities to have their games put in the spotlight.

YTTRO doesn’t only provide end users with no-holds-barred access to quality content. It also gives game developers a stage to get their apps noticed and, ultimately, downloaded. Here are 3 reasons why developers are choosing YTTRO:

  1. A leveled playing field for game app exposure
  2. Meaningful user engagement through a non-intrusive interface
  3. Higher exposure at a lower cost

1. Developers get their games recognized for their quality and creativity, not for their marketing budget.

Leveling the playing field for all game developers, regardless of marketing budget and prior app store success, is the cornerstone of YTTRO’s mission. Mobile game distribution platforms have faced a recent bout of stagnation stemming from a “chicken-and-egg” impasse, in which game developer titans leverage their enormous marketing budgets to perpetually dominate the app store’s top charts and crowd out indie game developers. More and more, to ascend the top charts requires large marketing budgets as opposed to innovative, well-crafted games. However, acquiring such a marketing budget entails earning huge profits from successful games that have already achieved top chart status—hence, the chicken-and-egg barrier that hinders talented but little-known developers from gaining the recognition they deserve. As a result, developers unable to reach the top charts are effectively rendered nonexistent in the user’s eye. Unwilling to throw in the towel, some developers resort to producing as many games as possible to maximize exposure at the expense of quality; others stifle their creative freedom and deliver unoriginal content. Clearly, neither option is ideal.

Enter YTTRO, designed to optimize developers’ app exposure and user acquisition by exposing the long-tail distribution of quality games. By grouping mobile games in a gigantic map based on content relevance rather than commercial success, YTTRO enables users to discover games similar to their existing favorites that they would otherwise never notice in traditional third party app marketplaces. Tapping purely user intent promotes exploration of mobile games without regard to the factors of rankings and advertising power that obstruct developers’ chances for recognition. Therefore, YTTRO helps games ripe in originality and quality but lacking in purchasing power spread their presence to users who have corresponding preferences.

In short, YTTRO rights the mobile game industry by enabling talented and creative developers to acquire a user base without the prerequisites of advertising power and previous commercial success.

2. Developers leverage YTTRO’s non-intrusive interface to connect more effectively with users.

Due to the ubiquity of linear, rankings-driven lists on traditional mobile game distribution platforms, prioritizing top chart status over content relevance is common among users deciding whether to download an app. However, since top charts reflect a developer’s advertising budget more than they reflect a game’s merit, users have a high probability of abandoning the apps they download once they realize that those apps do not satisfy their interests. (The industry average for current retention rates hovers around 14%).

YTTRO reverses this issue by bringing the focus back to content relevance and app quality. Since YTTRO’s visual interface gives users the freedom to scroll to genres that resonate with their preferences and to tap on a specific game, a user’s decision to install reflects a clear intention to play that game. This seamless connection between game discovery and user intent ensures that all installs through the platform are valuable installs. And with the power of YTTRO’s machine-learning algorithm, the odds are that the user’s tastes match with the game – that the user will not only try the game but also enjoy it and continue playing it. The end result for the developer is a loyal user base that downloaded the game because of its relevance, not because of its place in the top charts of app distribution platforms.

3. YTTRO streamlines developers’ advertising budgets by minimizing the cost of app exposure.

The non-intrusive nature of app exposure isn’t only conducive for developer-user relationships. It also plays a critical role in helping developers further streamline their budgets. YTTRO displays all games available, giving developers an automatic boost in exposure without the need to spend extravagantly. Paying a lower CPI frees up funding that was previously being channeled to more expensive, less effective marketing efforts – funding that developers can now use in other endeavors.

As a non-intrusive promotion platform that maximizes the exposure of developers’ work at minimum cost, YTTRO is the ultimate hub for developers to showcase their games and establish a user base. Expect future updates that make YTTRO better than ever!

Reach out to our Partnerships manager here.


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