Yttro Reaches Half a Million Downloads


Here at Yttro, we believe having fun shouldn’t be a chore.

It’s fun to play mobile games. But to find those games, it’s not fun to endlessly scroll through list after list of apps. Scrolling is boring. So why scroll when you can explore?

Here at Yttro, we believe app discovery should be visual, intuitive, and fun. And we’re excited to announce that over half a million users have come to agree.

Yttro App has officially reached over 500,000 unique downloads. Yttro users have now logged 19 million views of great mobile games—great mobile games that would otherwise be buried beneath endless Top Lists and sponsored Featured Pages. By visually presenting users with a map of mobile games, Yttro enables people to explore games similar to their existing favorites and to discover new hidden gems they’ll love.

Of course, app discovery is about more than exploring apps—it’s about downloading them for entertainment. So we thought we’d dig a little deeper to find out how many downloads Yttro has driven to Google Play.

The answer? 2.5 million app downloads. Note that all of these organic installs are driven by independent exploration in Yttro. Whenever a user opens our app, they demonstrate strong interest and a genuine desire to try a new one.

That’s what sets Yttro apart. We match great games with users highly interested in playing them. Most importantly, we make that matching process fun.

A huge thanks to Yttro fans for their continued support! We promise to continue delivering a top-notch experience to our users across the world. We’re in the process of developing even more exciting features for our Android app and our HTML5 release.

To join the fun, download Yttro for Android, play HTML5 for iOS, and visit us at



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