Yttro: Free Game App Discovery visually opens up a world of thousands of games, clustered in neighborhoods by genre. As a free game app discovery platform, YTTRO is the easiest, most enjoyable way to explore quality games buried beneath the top charts.

By literally mapping out Google Play and the App Store. Yttro enables gamers to easily browse through a visual map of thousands of mobile games. These games are sorted into highly related groups and clusters, transforming the mobile search experience. With YTTRO’s killer game discovery tool, never again feel limited to a “Top 50” list of apps.

Gamers who like racing games can explore clusters of racing games.

Gamers who like puzzle games can explore clusters of puzzle games.

Yttro isn’t about finding games that other people find fun. Yttro is about finding what you find fun–in an experience that our platform is uniquely able to deliver.

Follow our blog to keep up with cutting-edge trends from the mobile gaming world, and the work we’re doing to make that world a better place.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Whats the best way to contact YTTRO. Wha’ts the Criteria used to show games? How can we submit our games to the list?


  2. Hi there, My name is Sue from Wonderword.com. We just released Wonderword Games App to Google Play and Itunes. How can we list this app in you list of games for promotion? Please email me sue@wonderword.com. Thank you Sue


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