Yttro reaches over 50,000 downloads and more than 1 million game app views!


We’re excited to announce that within just one month after release, Yttro: Free Game App Discovery has reached over 50,000 downloads and more than 1 million game apps viewed in Yttro!  What’s more, around 90,000 organic installs have been referred to Google Play.

What does this mean?  It means that more than 50,000 users have experienced this disruptive, intuitive, and fun platform to look for game apps.  In the world of Yttro, mobile games are presented in communities, flanked by their closest relatives.  With one click, users can start browsing their all-time favorites or venturing in new grounds.  50,000 gamers worldwide experienced it and gave us a 4.3 out of 5 rating on Google Play, without any major advertising or marketing campaign from Yttro.  Thank you, Yttro fans and supporters!

In addition, the 50,000 downloads have already led to more than 1 million game app views in Yttro platform.  That is to say, 1 million games – MOST of which would otherwise be buried deep below the top chart of app stores and receive very poor exposure to end users EVEN THOUGH they are excellent games – now have been presented to and viewed by the gamers.  More importantly, the 90,000 organic install referrals to Google Play speak volume of the quality, utility and ultimately, the excitement of game-finding experience in Yttro.

We’ll keep delivering this top-class experience to our users globally.  More exciting features will become live on our Android version, and Yttro will be available for iOS soon.  To join the fun, visit


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